Why Coffee, Why Now?

You've all seen the mini bags of Haribo you get from a wiggle order right? Well we wanted to do something similar, but better. Guided by our principles on giving back, we knew we had to give our customers a 'little extra' when opening each and every order. With coffee so synonymous with cycling, it was the only product in our minds.

Through our strong connections with Scotland, it just had to be a Scottish company we partnered up with to bring you some of the best tasting beans around. We sampled coffee from multiple different suppliers (the best part :) ) before finally settling on Dear Green.

We had 3 criteria, Taste // Ethics // Love.

Dear Green source speciality grade coffee which is fully traceable, ethically sourced, smells and tastes unbelievable and have a real passion for what they do, tick, tick, tick.

We needed a striking label, and there was only one man for the job - Kieron Redmond. (Kieron Redmond Design) He definitely didn't disappoint, turning out this awesome label in a matter of days.

Supplier sorted, graphics nailed, order processed.

All Moriarty Bikes orders will now received 2 x 12g small bags of pre-ground coffee, two distinctive tastes, both ready to brew, and if you like it, Brazilian & Colombian 250g bag of whole beans are available to purchase directly on our website processed by our friends at Dear Green and delivered freshly roasted to order.

Finally, being true to our morals of integrity, and showing our appreciate for all our past customers and the support they have shown us, it was never it doubt but to send them all free coffee to try. We think it went down well :)

Its only right that in our first blog, we would like to say a massive thank you to all our customers and supporters for your continued orders, likes and enquiries. Loads more to come from Moriarty Bikes, we are only getting started.

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