Our story.

Through a background in carbon composite product sourcing and passion for racing cycling, Moriarty Bikes was born.

We build bikes for those with a competitive mindset. Racing, or simply riding hard, our bikes are made to compete and made to win.

Moriarty Bikes offers a select range of race specification bicycles and wheelsystems, customisable to your requirements and built by a seasoned pro mechanic. 

Our mission is to build premium race bikes, incorporating the latest technology, and at a revolutionary price. Here's how.

How we work.

Performance bikes at a revolutionary price.

Each one of our bikes is built specifically to order for you, cutting the need for expensive depots, distributors and unsold stock.

We purposely work with a small remote team and lean business model, partnering directly with the factories behind some of the leading brands to bring you next-level technology at a revolutionary price.

Lab Verified. Race Proven.

We are not shy about where our components are made and we don't look for ways to misrepresent their country of origin.

Each bike in our range is meticulously tested in the lab to quantify our quality standards. Its only then that they are relentless ridden in the most extreme testing ground of the harsh racing environment.


We don't just build bikes, we build race proven bikes.

One Bike. One Mechanic.

Our bikes are always hand-built, and race tuned by a single professional mechanic -- not a factory assembly line. 

You'll have one experienced pro building your bicycle from the frame up, then fine tuning the gear system, accurately torquing every bolt, and adequately lubricating each moving part, all for optimal performance. Race ready out of the box.

Individually yours.

As racing cyclists we understand how important it is to dial in the correct fit and feel at one with your bike. 

With a Moriarty, you can uniquely pair up your chasis with a selection of our highly rated carbon wheelsystems.

Plus fine tune your drivetrain, gearing and hasndelbars for that optimal fit.

What we stand for.


Integrity is at the core of our brand.

We create our bikes with a dedicated approach of integrity, transparency, and love -- you won't find corner cutting or marketing hype with us.


We embrace feedback and we’re committed to being here for you at every moment of your cycling journey.



Giving back




Each one of our bikes is built specifically to order for you, cutting the need for expensive depots, distributors and unsold stock.

And the joy that is built through the suffering.

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