Hand Built.

Our bikes are always built by hand, using experienced qualified mechanics in the United Kingdom.


We partner with a select few bicycle mechanics who we know have the skills and expertise to construct each of our bicycles to our exacting standards and requirements.

Race tuned.

We don't just offer a complete bike, we offer a race tuned bike.


We want a customer to get the exact same race ready bike as one of our sponsored riders would get. This means spending the hours required to fine tune the gear system, accurately torque every bolt, and adequately lubricate each moving part. β€‹

Ride ready.

​The result is a bike which after 5 minutes out of the box is ready to start riding.


All Moriarty Bikes come with the rear wheel already attached, and the handlebars in place, allowing the gear system to remain true, and shifting as smoothly as when it left the workshop.


Confidence from the word go.

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